Iron Goddess of Mercy (medium roasted oolong)

One of the most treasured oolong teas in the world, said to be healing and detoxifying. Known in China as Tae Guan Yin (Guan Yin is the female Buddhist goddess of mercy). Aroma reminiscent of baked grain and sugary dates. A specially baked tea made to order for Rishi Tea each spring and winter. Tae Guan Yin is known as Iron Goddess of Mercy and is the most famous oolong tea. Our special grade of this tea is hand-harvested from the soft stem Wu-Yi tea bush cultivar that is descended from the original tea bushes introduced to Taiwan from Fujian in the 19th Century. Made according to the traditional Tae Guan Yin oxidation and bamboo coal baking techniques developed in China?s Fujian province, our Iron Goddess of Mercy is a special treat for oolong tea lovers. Our Iron Goddess of Mercy has a light golden-amber infusion with a smooth body and sweet finish. Its aroma is profoundly reminiscent of baked grain and dried apricot. Water: 195°F / Leaves: 1 teaspoon per 8 ounces / Infusion Time: 3?4 minutes / Ingredients: Oolong tea. / Origin: Nantou, Taiwan.

Iron Goddess of Mercy (medium roasted oolong)
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