Organic Ancient Moonlight White Fair Trade Tea

Unique tea harvested in small batches. A rare type of white tea made with two leaves and a bud from Yunnan?s Da Yeh tea tree varietal. Flavors of ripe melon and sweet honeysuckle flowers. Organic Moonlight White, also known as ?Yue Guang Bai? is a very special white tea from the Mannong Manmai Ancient Tea Association. It is harvested in March and April in very limited quantities when the first buds and tender tealeaves emerge on the ancient tea trees. The cool spring weather gives the slow growing buds a concentrated flavor and aroma. It is only in the spring season that the climatic conditions are present for the proper withering and curing of Ancient Moonlight White. This tea has a rich and lively mouthfeel. The complex floral aroma and sweet finish suggests pit fruits, persimmons and wildflower honey. Use a porcelain guywan, glass teapot or a Ho-hin. Infuse 4 tablespoons (6-7 grams) in 5-6 ounces of water. Use 185˚F water. Infuse the first infusion for 3 minutes, 2nd infusion for 3 minutes, 4th,5th and subsequent infusions for a longer time based on the desired strength. / Ingredients: Organic Fair Trade Certified? white tea. / Origin: Yunnan, China.
Organic Ancient Moonlight White Fair Trade Tea
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