Organic Tangerine Ginger

Bold bodied, spicy, sweet, tart and fruity flavors. Contains selected botanical and the natural essential oils of rare citrus fruits. A scarlet red infusion with zesty notes of ginger and sweet orange. One of our top sellers, Tangerine Ginger has a complex array of sweet, spicy, tart and fruity flavors. Stimulating ginger root and adaptogenic, wild-harvested Schizandra berries are expertly balanced with the natural essential oils of citrus fruits, succulent tangerines and rare herbs. Tangerine Ginger is a full-bodied and invigorating blend with a wonderful gourmet flavor and aroma. Water: 212°F / Boiling / Leaves: 1 tablespoon per 8 ounces / Infusion Time: 4?5 minutes / Ingredients: Organic ginger, Organic Fair Trade Certified? hibiscus, Organic schizandra berries, Organic licorice root, Organic rosehips, Organic orange peel, natural essential oils of orange and tangerine. / Origin: Rishi Blend.

Organic Tangerine Ginger
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